Bryan Stafford
For Montana Legislature
Senate District 27

Common Sense Works for Montana

When it comes to the legislative process, it is long past time for bringing the focus back to truth, facts and common sense. Creating public policy isn't rocket science and it certainly isn't some game of "us against them". But it does require a willingness to consider facts, information and differing points of view to create legislation that incorporates the best ideas from all sides.

If you are as tired as I am of the current "facts be damned - my way or the highway" approach to governance, I would appreciate your support this November.

From our country's founding, the promise of America has always been that with hard work and determination, we can lift ourselves up and make a better life for our families. But for some time now, we have watched as powerful special interests in State and Federal government have subverted this contract by creating policies that tilt the playing field further and further away from hard working families.

We continue to hear all of the standard talking points about how if we just cut this regulation or that tax, everything will be rosy and perfect, but middle class Montanans are working harder than ever and falling further behind. We have failed to uphold the fundamental American values of fair play and equal access and I am alarmed at the implications this holds for our children and grandchildren. It is absolutely clear that the vision of cutting our way to prosperity no longer holds any credence.

What is needed are policies that FAIRLY balance, across all stake holders, the burden of supporting the services and infrastructure we all depend upon. Montanans want representatives who have the courage to deliver an honest and transparent assessment of these needs. Through smart and innovative policy, we can achieve solutions that are sensible and balanced for all Montanans.

I am running for the Montana senate because we must level the playing field and give hard working Montana families an equal opportunity at the American Dream. Government must work for all of us, not just those with power and influence.

In my career as an independent small business owner, I spend my time solving problems successfully with people of various backgrounds from here in Billings and all around the globe. I have a very diverse skill set that includes everything from being an EMT and volunteer firefighter to construction and contracting. As a software developer, I am used to thinking outside of the box and using data to guide my decisions. I have also experienced first hand many of the medical and institutional struggles we all face. I look forward to serving the constituents of Senate District 27 as we strive to solve the thorny issues that are currently before us.

Making healthcare affordable for ALL Montanans regardless of income or pre-existing conditions, ensuring a strong public education system and creating a tax structure that is innovative, smart and FAIR for everyone, are my top priorities. I don't quit until the job is done and I'm prepared to bring that same dedication to the job of representing you in the Montana senate.

I Support
  • Fair taxation
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Worker's rights
  • Veterans & Active military
  • Strong public education
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Preserve public lands
  • Private property rights
  • Hunters & Fishermen
  • Farmers & Ranchers
  • Equal rights for all
  • Keep dark money out of elections
  • Increase mental healthcare access
  • Law & order
  • Supportive business environment
  • Revitalize infrastructure
  • Net neutrality
  • And much more...

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